I am yoga teacher in the Southampton, Winchester, Romsey and surrounding areas of Hampshire teaching creative flow yoga to all ages and ability in and out doors.

I specialise in Children’s Yoga offering workshops and classes to children ages 4 to 12 so they can experience the wonders of yoga.

I run menopause and well-being yoga workshops teaching strategies to help women have a happy and healthy menopause.

My background in dance has enabled me to have a greater understanding of how the body can express itself allowing me to incorporate more movement into my yoga sessions. My knowledge and experience in sports massage along with my dance background has helped to develop the kind of teacher I am emphasising clear alignment and creative sequencing.
I am passionate about movement through yoga and dance and its profound effect it has on the body and mind helping to improve health and wellbeing. My classes encourage each participant to explore their own body awareness while creating a pattern of movement that is both challenging yet achievable – building strength, flexibility and stamina. By working in partnership with the breath this helps to guide each movement allowing more mental agility to help relieve stress.

I have always loved to dance and have found opportunities throughout my life to embrace my passion.

I am an advanced Remedial Sports Massage therapist which has helped to broadened my understanding of anatomy and physiology and opened the door to my current interest in yoga, as I began to recognise the huge importance of linking physical and mental well being.

Currently I have developed, practiced and subsequently refined yoga classes to benefit a wider audience.

I am aware that, as a society, we are currently working to improve mindfulness as a priority, so activities that build self confidence are threaded through many of my sessions.

I am committed to tailoring sessions to suit a particular audience so, if there isn’t anything on my current list of classes, that appeals to you – please contact me directly. 

My classes are welcoming, friendly and fun while emphasising the importance of posture, strength, flexibility and mental agility while teaching the importance of breathing to enhance performance and relieve stress.

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