IMG_9376“It’s brilliant, fun, exciting and good exercise. It helps me to relax and I use the things I’ve learned in yoga at school and at home”
Clementine age 10

“I like yoga because it helps me breathe and it makes me really relaxed.Also it makes me and my body strong and keeps me healthy.Ever since I started doing yoga I have made new friends and I have been doing lots of different exercises with them. My favourite pose is the tree pose”
Lewis age 10

“I like yoga because it keeps me calm and I have fun relaxing at chill out time”
Zach age 10


“After a break of more than 30 years from dance, I’m delighted that I was introduced to Sally! She is such a patient teacher, and makes everyone feel at ease. Monday mornings are now something to look forward to”

“Sally was very welcoming on my first attempt at ballet for 45 years ! She helped build my confidence and accepted my limitations. Ballet is a great workout for both mind and body whatever age you are !! I have also been in her yoga training. She is very professional and experienced”

“Having never done ballet before, I was a little nervous about joining Sally’s class. I needn’t have been worried. Sally is a great teacher and her relaxed and reassuring style immediately puts you at ease. The routines give you a really good workout for body and brain and the class is so much fun, it makes you feel energized for the rest of the day”

“I thoroughly enjoy the ballet classes with Sally. The class is always fun and there are lots of laughs, we don’t take ourselves too seriously and it is a great workout for stretching and balancing the body. Sally is a very patient, calm and fun teacher”

“A welcoming class for all abilities with very well planned classes which are entertaining as well as providing active ballet”

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